Cancer is recognized across the globe as “The Silent Killer”. The growth of this ailment does not restrict itself to just one body part rather it asphyxiates the sufferer physically and mentally. The disease has various forms and does not discriminate between people and races across states or nations. From the most prevalent form to the rarest, the tremors caused by this disease are intense and widespread

The trauma brought about by the disease does not limit itself only to the duration of its presence in the sufferer’s body, but also dominantly, after the loss received by the family due to its camouflaged presence and the inability of the family, to put in-effect, the treatment.

I have personally been aggrieved by the loss caused in my family due to cancer. The roots of this disease had dug deep and lead to the demise of my maternal uncle, a man full of optimism and joy had shrunk to a disconsolate life without hope.

The numerous visits to the oncologists made me realize the anxiety and fear that resonates amongst the whole family with uncertainty being the most prevalent emotion. Trickledown effect of the ailment also includes financial stress and out of pocket expenditures induced on the family.

The experience of having cancer as part of one’s daily life and unwillingly allowing it to take decisions for my loved ones made me venture into the philanthropic cause of eradicating it from the lives of all those who are affected. The financial and social constraints hamper the progress of treatment and healing. Hence, many people succumb to such a situation convincing their self as it being a part of their fate. They give up the desire to find the way out of their suffering and lead a life full of agony and distress, aborting the treatment due to paucity of funds.

This mission is an attempt to help address the concern socially and at a wider platform. The initiative aims to generate a wave of relief amongst the underprivileged public of the society and provide them with appropriate aid and relief. It is an endeavor to bring together all the good Samaritans and contributors to support and carry on the humanitarian relief measures as incorporated in our charter.

Meet the Team

Arshdeep Singh